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Public procurement

``We need to procure a new IT system - how do we do it?``

In connection with procurement, both legal and commercial aspects must be considered. It is important that the organization's needs are analysed and that the functional and safety requirements to be placed on the system are identified. Thereafter, procurement documents and contract documents must be designed based on needs, requirements, and commercial conditions, considering the risks that the contracting organization may take. We have the knowledge required to assist you in both public and private procurement.


“Our system integration project was delayed and when the business-critical system is now delivered, it does not comply with the specification. What do we do now?``

Disputes concerning IT are often both complex and business-critical, which requires the ability to understand the technical contexts and find solutions that the business can live with. A well-developed method together with extensive experience in handling everything from major IT suppliers and software companies, to tricky customers, makes us a safe choice in the event of a conflict.


``Every year we make a number of major purchases of IT services and IT products and need to standardize our process with templates and our own general terms - could you assist us with this?``

Of course! Currently, we already assist actors such as international listed companies, Swedish suppliers, and public authorities in developing various templates and general IT contract terms that are used daily. Not only do we write customer-unique IT agreement templates, we are also VQ Legals IT agreement experts and have prepared documents for IT agreements, GDPR and IP within VQ Legals template service.

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