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``What kind of IT-agreements does our digitalisation project need?``

With our help, you will be provided with an IT agreement adapted to the type of IT business you carry out, in accordance with industry practice and with a special focus on the regulations that are important to you and your company. We participate in digitisation projects, both on behalf of customers and suppliers, and draw up IT agreements in all product and service areas. Not only do we write IT agreements, but we also make sure that the digitalisation process progresses by creating templates and standard agreement terms within the IT agreement area.

Cloud services

”What must be concidered when cloud services are the subject of procurement?``

There are several legal issues that should be considered when procuring a cloud service, whether the purchase is being made by a public authority or a private company. Regardless of the type of cloud service in question, agreements, terms, and other appendixes need to accurately reflect the parties' commitments and responsibilities, together with the cloud service's functionality, IT security, and service levels. It is also important to consider on how the cloud service complies with data protection legislation, applicable standards, and certificates.


``How should the outsourcing process be managed in an efficient way to achieve the best results?``

Each outsourcing project is unique and has its own special conditions. But good knowledge of the industry's players, common practice, and effective tools such as templates and checklists, can make the process of the project smoother and more effective. We have extensive experience in leading legal and commercial work in outsourcing projects and assisting in procurement, negotiations, as well as writing contracts; regardless of whether the outsourcing refers to Infrastructure Management (IM), Application Management (AM), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or more traditional outsourcing within Facility Management.

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