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Cookies & e-privacy

``We are an e-merchant who wonder what types of cookies we may have on our website and if the visitors must consent to the use of cookies?``

We provide legal advice to companies and authorities that handle customers or citizens via their website. Typical clients can be companies that sells its products on their website or authorities that provides services to its citizens through their website. We assist with legal advice on, for example, compliance with relevant regulations regarding cookie notification messages and cookie policy’s on websites. When an actor uses cookies on their website a wide range of regulations may apply, such as the GDPR, specific consumer and marketing regulations.

Payment solutions

”We have an e-commerce website and intend to use a payment solution provider for a new payment solution on our website. What legal aspects do we need to consider?”

We assist organisations that operate in the field of e-commerce and payment solutions with legal advice regarding financial and data protection regulations that apply to handling customers' payments. One of the most important aspect is that the agreements that regulate the responsibility between the customer, e.g. the e-merchant, and the payment solution provider, will be established correctly. Nevertheless, it is also important to consider data protection and financial regulations.

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