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Agile projects

``We are starting up a new project with a new it supplier who wants to work agilically. What does it mean?``

IT projects can be carried out in many different ways with today’s most common form being an agile way of working. An agile project has unique characteristics, which is why it is important that your IT agreement is adapted to the type of IT project that you carry out. The agile approach is often applicable when you need flexibility and where you cannot specify in detail the requirements for the project's results. We have specialists who have worked with agile agreements for a long time and who can assist you in avoiding pitfalls and costly change work.


”We need a customized ai solution in our service. What should be considered?”

AI can be used in a wide variety of areas and have the potential to provide a great competitive advantage. At the same time, it is a relatively new phenomenon, so while offering many opportunities an AI solution can also come with challenges. In the Fintech market one must consider, among other things, the use of data, who is considered to be the owner of it, what protection is needed, whether the data contains personal data and whether the use of it entails a duty to notify the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. We have the expert knowledge and are happy to assist you through a market that can be difficult to navigate by yourself.


``We need to purchase an external computer software for the company's development project. What should we consider?``

To ensure the rights to a software, to protect the source code and to regulate how a licensee can use the software, license agreements are an important and vital tool. The licensor's audit of the licensee's use of the software is often a cause of disputes, which could can turn out costly for both parties. It is therefore important that the licensee at the conclusion of the license agreement identifies his need based on his business model, purchases software rights that match the need and ensure that development unit uses the software accordingly. We work to establish license agreements as well as assisting licensees in disputes, but also to develop policies for companies' use of Open source.

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